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Win-Win International Successfully Held Award Ceremony on 3rd Year Anniversary
Date: 2018-05-21
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In order to further promote the Company’s core values of ‘value’ and ‘Win-Win’, and the talent strategy of ‘human-oriented’ and ‘talents strengthen an enterprises’, Win-Win International Group held the Award Ceremony on May 18th, 2018, the Company’s third anniversary since its operation. The award ceremony offered spiritual reward and recognition of honor to Win-Win members that have been working hard and gone together through storm and stress since the Company founded.


The meaning of May to Win-Win International is important, since it was the start of innovation spirit and ambitious faith in 2015, and is also the continuance of striving for more achievements in 2018. If you follow your heart, you will carry the world before one. The spirit of persistence and precipitation will assure the material and spiritual reward in Win-Win International Group. On this occasion of the Award Ceremony, we are thankful for all Win-Win Members who chose to join in at the beginning of the Company’s foundation, and have been trusting us all along. Win-Win International will not obtain such achievements without your devotion. Looking ahead the next three years, five years, ten years… we hope that more Win-Win members will stand on the platform without ceiling, and be awarded the honorable Win-Win Medal!


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