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Let’s ‘Show Love’ on Chinese Valentine’s Day!
Date: 2017-08-31
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In Xinben Consult, we get together because of the common goal, and we feel warm blessing because of our different stories. We strive to do the best on our position for the Company’s mission of Win-Win and Sharing, and as members of Xinben Consult, we enjoy the harmony of this big family. The Chinese Valentine’s Day of 2017 was meant to be different.


the birthday cake prepared by the Company

On the Valentine’s Day of 2017, which was also the birthday of three members from Xinben Consult, we got together, lighted up the candles, sang Happy Birthday, and celebrated the birthday for these three members with our sincere blessing.


all members sang Happy Birthday together

Looking at the birthday candle and listening to the birthday song, the three birthday members smiled with happiness and made wishes together. They thanked the Company for the development opportunity and platform offered, and promised to devote into work more positively and passionately, and brought into full play to their value in the Company, and reach the unity on values of themselves, the Company and the society.


the birthday boys and girls made wishes, and all members gave their sincere wishes

Xinben Consult insists on the culture of happy work, happy life, and regard members’ development and team construction as the valuable treasure of the Company. This party demonstrated the Company’s care for staff, and enhanced the team cohesion.


Record Happy Times

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